Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Long time and no blog! But I WON my 1st Challenge!

Front view!

before view!
Yea ! I won my first challenge ever the other day with TenSeconds Studio's Shoe Challenge!

My third shoe my pain shoe won!
Been going to Doctor visits and trying to get some problems taken care of so it has been a while since I have blogged. gonna have a colonoscopy the 14th of this coming month and a Cat Scan from the Nero surgeon and followup on the 19th. Had my physical last week and still gotta go for mammogram.......Am I having fun yet?...LOL
DH's Insulin Pump company quite business and left a bunch of customers needing something that works! they are all quiting and having problems. And they can't get supplies anymore.
Has taken forever to get in with his endocrinologist but the 12th of next month we will see what our options are gonna be! Praying something good is out there, maybe even an Omni Pod the D- Life shows on their weekly show. something before this one says bye bye....
I know God will see us thru this but sometimes the world sneaks in and takes over with my worry wort mindset.
Looking forward to National Scrapbook day this May 2nd, gonna spend it at Create Joys crop 10 a til 10p and it is gonna be held at my church BBC....That makes me feel good that maybe some of our women will take part with Tracy's bunch of gals cuz I always have a blast at NRHBC at her crops although some signed with one in Denton and I will miss them on Saturday. but I will get to see and old friend Kristy while I am there and possibly catch up with her some.
Well will try to add some things as I get to a photo shot of things!
Until then have a Blessed Day in the Sonshine!
and keep creating!

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