Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decorations

 Over the years I have gotten rid of most of my yard art but a good friend that I use to do craft shows with and went to church with made these two items for me ! It's been several years and the weather had worn the paint somewhat so redid some of it! Kathy dies a couple of years ago and she is really brought to mind this time of the year when I pull out things she made me! Frosty's hat looks sorta strange in the pic but the new glitter paint I used on the black hat is showing whiter in the pic than it really is, Kathy Ford you are missed friend!
Okay I needed a new wreath my old one passed on to the recycle world it had gotten so bad so to go with my other snowmen and snow gals I went on a hunt at Jo Ann's for something to go with them and found some $1.oo items to paint to get it going! Also found some half balls and a star in my stash.

Next  also found some more items at Jo Ann's and they all were 50 to 60 % off! The leaves and balls and part of the floral has glitter bling Yummy!

The wreath is one I had bought last year on clearance!

I painted the mask and removed the stick from the back and outlined it all in black and attached the eyes and star and glitzed up thee $1.00 snowflake also then got to attaching all of the finds to my wreath and made me a big bow that I also added some of the ribbon to my old items!

also added a silver ornament "Believe" to the snowflake

I think Kathy is smiling down on my revamp repaint job to get more years out of her artwork and adding mine to the two items!

So many of my Christmas items were in need of repair after last years cold temps and then the horrible summer temps up in my attic last year. So may that I did not get all my decorations out this year!
And I still am making presents and finishing others . Needless to say waiting for payday Friday to even be able to finish shopping this year! Will try and post the two larger presents after Christmas!
Well till next time keep creating and next post I'll show you the goodies I got from my secret Santa in Art Group!

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Trisha said...

Great project! I loved what you did with the snowman mask :)