Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am sneaking around to look at blogs!

Pain is tolerable thus far but meds make me sleep a lot. Jami has been taking good care of me .Made me my first non clear liquid meals yesterday and today ...Chicken and rice, potato soup and clam chowder today and all were yummy but still partial to my Popsicles.
saw post on paper cowgirl by Cindy Mayfield and wish I knew if would be up to something like that by then , they really showed lots of fun stuff last year. And had to see my Taco Tuesday from Cheryl and Megan today
Miss everybody and have loved having feelings in arms and hands again just week and this brace or as the family is calling it my new jewelry makes me hot and itch, will see what Doc Wilson says tomorrow morning
better get into bed before I get caught !

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cindy said...

We would love to have your come over, if you are able! Surely you will be up and creatin by June? :D