Thursday, February 12, 2009

Man I am Numb with changes!

Well woke up to phone calls and changes to schedules.....
My surgery is now 7:15 on Monday morning
Have to be there 5AM...Oh MY Word I am not a morning person!
tomorrow all pre-ops and MRI and pre Doc visit must be squeezed in before surgery staring at 10AM
Man I thought I had till Wednesday to get things in order, and I am freaking out!!!!
But what else am I gonna do unless I wanted to wait another month....NOT!
Jeff had already taken time for other time slot so now he is trying to change his schedule too.
I am trying to turn this over totally to God and not having full success with my worry part.....OK those of you that know me know that isn't gonna fully happen....LOL
Just thought I would throw this in in case don't get to post later. Now for me to try and finish the cleaning I started....
Keep creating..

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