Thursday, February 05, 2009

updates and plans thus Far!

Wesley got to go home and he was eating good and playing video games before they left to go back to Comanche!
PLEASE continue to pray as the healing is still needed to remain on a good course..But God is good and he is the magnificent healer!
Doctor visit today for me.....
I went to the nuero surgeon this morning and have to go to get another MRI next week to compare to see if I have the same damage or if it has gotten worse . This is to see what she actually has to do but will have surgery this 18th. Otherwise it would have been after March and I am ready to feel better now. The nurse said this is a good day to have it because another surgeon is with her that day for the case before me..So its a two fer one!
Not good today though Blood pressure was real high again and have had the neck headache and worse all day long.... Just thought I would get on here and post for a sec....
Keep creating and please keep Wes in your prayers!

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Linda Hahn said...

Hi Denise,
Hope things are getting better for you. Sounds like you have been through so much. I'll be praying for you as I have been, but especially on the 18th.
Love your craft room and
how organized it looks compared to mine.I see many cute and wonderful creations that you've made, but I don't see those pots and pans that you were painting blue and green. Are they in there?

God bless you,