Sunday, February 15, 2009

3rd times charm?

This is ....lets test Denise's nerves and pain tolerance under distress test......
Well first my surgery was Wednesday the 18th and they canceled because the case in front of mine got to big to do 2 surgeries that day and moved me to Monday the 16th tomorrow at 8:30 am, I tell her okay and at 8PM tonight the nurse calls and tells me that she hopes I am okay with it once again because they have had an emergency surgery arise tonight for tomorrow morning which is too long to do mine safely so now I am scheduled for ...Thursday the 19th at 7:15 am.
Okay now I prepare for it Thursday wondering if moms old saying it come in threes is over or I get changed again to another date.......I know she is an important surgeon but wondering if I will have surgery in my very negative mind set tonight.
So now my list that I tore up and gave up on around 6pm tonight goes into a new list of what I clean and organize before Thursday. And just changed my linens to come home to this afternoon, so now the question is do I change them again before I go or just say heck with it!
Jeff had to change his schedule at work again hoping they stay good sports about this....
Well feel better to get all of that out, now if Jeffy calms down before or until Thursday.
We will have to wait and see on that one. oh well thru with my whining and gonna get ready for bed , lucky I still have my meds so that I can sleep..
Until next time
Hopefully with me in a better mindset...
keep creating!

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