Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Black friday

Thanksgiving is hard not having Mom with us!18 this year and I am not much of a crowd person and neither is Jeff and my boys, Now Jami seems to like it as well as the rest of the kids and Jason.

But thankful for the family that cold be with us, Brother in law Clint has a hard time on crutches so he was semi using a wheel chair to get around us in close quarters...TJ almost made his weight in eating all the black olives and the deviled eggs.

Left Clint and Loris house to go to my daughters to spend the night with the kids, so the could go be crazy shopping at 4am to 12pm, they did get some of the kids gifts but couldn't get close to a lot of it, I went this evening when things slowed down and I got two peoples gifts and groceries, Jeff was sweet to go and help with the stuff I can't lift with my problem....He HATES shopping of any kind, bless his soul for loving me and puttin him up to doin it tonight.

People go sooooo crazy on this sale day of the season and really don't know why it is termed black Friday! Maybe describes some of the behavior.
Nearly thru with two advent calendars hopefully can get pics up tomorrow!

Need to get some pics of the house we have been hanging pics and moving stuff around to get a tree in the small den left at three and she was still doin lights when I left this afternoon and she called while i was in Walmart at 8 to say she had gotten all of the tree done and the wreath on the door. Now for the rest...LOL..that is an understatement if she puts up as many lights this year as last year at the other house.

Fell on our stoop down to the den and have really payed in the pain and bruise department.

Not good when I have so much to do.....

Have a great week-end and beginning of the heart warming season of Christmas!

create a wonderful sense of joy and crafting around you...Denise

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HappyDayArt! said...

Hey Denise!

Write something new! It's all that time you took to play Auditorium sapped your energy?

Thanks for your comments. You are so nice. Yes, it was sure fun to have that monkey get up there. I even sold 2 of them and got a bunch of hearts on my etsy shop.

I hope you are having more fun after your fall on the stoop. I hate Christmas shopping too. Bah humbug! So for years I have tried to make most of my gifts. Of course I can't always do that but it sure helps.

Happy Holidays to you and your family and watch where you are steppin'