Monday, November 10, 2008

Here is some pics of the grandkids amidst all that has been going on at Jami's house This is our nite owl of the whole group although the oldest isn't far behind.
Toby if he gets still enough he goes out like a rock, He may be the hyper one but he does crash.

This one is before the furniture came the next day, they slept in the floor , me I went home to my bed.
Well i am becoming a scared cat, tomorrow has bugged me all day long!!!! Yo could say stressed BIG TIME......
Well tomorrow is the last of my three shots and really am dreading it in case it does like the last one, That first day kicked my behind really really bad, and today's rain has me in a raunchy bad mood so guess i will finish this and head to bed so I can get up and go to Dr. Feel Goods office in the morning, taking Casey with me in case it is as bad as last time, I am really thankful he has had Tuesdays off during this so he could drive me home ,Hey and it looks like Matt will be going days again and he so excited . I don't know how he stood it this long, nights working have never worked for me cuz couldn't sleep in the daytime....I am happy for him!
keep creating and being inspired by this magnificent world we live in!

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