Friday, November 07, 2008

renters damage and moving Jami into the house!

We have really worn our selves out in two weeks of work and have started actually hanging stuff on the walls and will post those pics when I remember my camera...Still have lots to do to help and have felt like crap and really shouldn't have done as much as I have. But it was so bad...So here is some of the drama pics of the nightmares we had to fix and what we have done so far.

Tyler my oldest grandsons room is all kinds of sport but mostly skateboarding and helped pick colors 1st window pick color is soooo wrong so 4th and 5th coats are with a reddish orange which we are sticking with and the blue gray which looks great with his black furniture, oops sorry case got ya in pic!!!

The bathroom unfinished from renters and we are still fixing but so far we have kilnzed the black spray paint and Jason just finished redoing the plumbing they broke and the backing he had to replace also, they bent the pipes somehow?

We will be painting the bathroom a green and a gold to math her stuff an existing floor.

Before Renters nursery another project they did not finish I think?

We had to kilnz the orange and baby blue like the metallic mess.
In the boys room to paint a nautical blue with white trim for all their red white and blue stuff.

Jami's is not happy that i am getting her and Jason in the pics cuz we all tired!!!!!

My daughter and I have been busy covering disaster left by the last two sets of renters on my Motherinlaws house which they are now buying so that the grand kids and my daughter and son in law are around the block from me. the living room kitchen and their master bedroom are all going to be a golden color with a light brown trim. much better than before.

This is the front living room and the last renter painted around the furniture taupe was what my motherinlaw had and on top of that she added Terra cotta color randomly and brown on some of the woodwork then copper metallic randomly on top of that....the pic don't do it justice it was a bad attempt !

We also have been fighting some kitten sized friends who have found their way to partying in the house . Boys had me take pics of us catching 2 but will spare you those pics.

Overall I am not happy tonight blogger and I are not getting along trying to download and set this up the way i wanted but it is like my days lately womper jawed and crazy...Keep crafting and doing something creative...till tomorrow or when I get back to blog.....Denise

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marylee :) said...

Oh, my! That's quite the extreme home makeover! Glad the renters days are over.

Hope you're feeling better soon!
Sorry if this comes out as a duplicate post!