Thursday, November 06, 2008

Family Auction 08

My Family Reunion was this past weekend and I did not get to go with Jami moving into Moms house . The house they were moving to was a mess from the past 2 sets of renters, plus I am just not able to do things for long periods of time in the heat. Although I did too much at Jami's.
These are the items I sent with my big sis to the Auction the first was a book on my sisters The altered book had all 5 of us in it.
My little sister won out but would not tell me how much she spent.. front of book

2 of inside pages Diane and I
2ND item was a large canvas I think it was 18x24 was multi media used caulk, cheesecloth, metal embossing from Ten Seconds Studio on their choc brown metal
The 2 pics are My grandfather and his twin and then

the other is the family they were from the original thirteen kids that started the Haws Family Reunion and my Great Grandparents in the center of that picture.

Used some dominoes and dice for the family games and then watch faces for the time that has passed and then just bits and pieces of ephemera.

I also inked the back side of the metal on the two canvases where the canvases are curled out with butterscotch alchol ink and rust alchol ink, similar colors were used of acrylic paints to paint in the textured canvas.

The twins did tell me that one of my cousins beat them out for 75 dollars for this one. Overall our family reunion is dwindling and the younger familys arent coming becuz of other commitments so looks like for the first time in over a hundred years we are going to one day instead of three at a state park facilty and cabins. This really makes me sad since I did not go this year. I grew up every year looking forward to the trip to the reunion. Since all the family had girls except for my uncle Dudley having Mike and Mike had all girls the Haws name is also going to disappear When Mike passes.
Only us keepers of family photos and history will go on.....That makes me as sad as when all my Aunt and Uncles and My Mom and Dad passed on.

Till tommorrow keep creating and may the son shine on your dreams!

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