Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New program for me!

Well I took a matabolism test at the fitness center to see if it would help with my weight. And started doing the recomendations Monday, One of which is that I wasn't eating enough?????That would be a good thing you would think HUH? Well not for me ..Feel sick from trying to get in all the carbs and protein....And she gave me a new circuit workout with new weight routine...To say the least I can feel getting up and down and just trying to walk. Enough of my whining!

Hopefully I see some results soon or this is really the pits. My brain has not seen this much math since Algebra and Geometry in high school.....To say the least it has been a while..LOL

Hopefully It gets easier over the next 12 weeks...Keep you posted...Hoping to get to work on some projects tomorrow.
This angel was a class a couple weeks back from I made her dress from tulle and a orange bag that I saved from my Wally world oranges.

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