Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long week possibly longer Weekend

Went to crop last night and got some stuff decorated for the craft area, but not ready to show my mass of mess. Had no idea how much I still had since all was in so many different places.

Last night took bunches of stuff I culled from my paper stash organized it in a little organizer so that I could take it each time till it was gone? Someone liked my job so well and the stuff they took it all....Wow

Not many in attendance due to this being memorial weekend but still had fun.

Gotta get on the ball and start posting some pic of what I am doing , but too darn tired.

Got a D decorated for over the desk area and decorated some little tart pans that I got last weekend that were missing their bottoms and they just screamed flower frame to me so beaded around edges and stuck pictures of my blomin' grandsons in them gonna attach them with a sayin' on a shadow box for on the wall.

Well I think I am gonna go to bed and dream of new projects and ways to organize my massive stuff for tomorrow.....

Sweet dreams to all


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