Monday, May 26, 2008

Re-Creation of a Den!

This is one area I am starting to fix and take over for my workspace...
Have cleared the shelves of books and bric a brac that was there and now loading with my stuff.
This is the desk I had in my sons room that now sit s in the den with my scrapbook things getting stored away slowly.....Below is the main computer desk where we all work out of and where I am blogging from now....At least it is clean.

The TV and gaming area of the room also Tivo an Movies......

The Den being converted to everyones space, now including my area for crafting and scrapping!
Still quit the mess even though have gone thru and gotten rid of a lot....Believe it or not....LOL
Thought maybe before pics would make me happier once I get all put away and stored....MAYBE MAYBE NOT!!!!! LOL
Well till tomorrow when I get busy again...

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