Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthdays and cleaning?

My baby girl Jami always shares a birthday with the first day of Summer and was also born on the same day as my my baby sisters , Terri and Sherri!
Jami is my first born and the mother to my three great! Grandsons! Which with school out are driving her bonkers, Imagine that! they are so sweet not them!

 Here is hoping my Lil sisters are having a great birthday even though Sherri is working in Iowa right now doing claims with her hubby and Terri is home at the Ranch! saw them both not long ago but am missing them again!
 Tyler my oldest G-son came over Monday to help me clean cuz grand-Mama has a bad knee and need to get things under control before I go to the specialist next Monday to see if I can be repaired or need to retire this model! Or send me out to pasture! But back to Tyler cleaning up......
 He found this bubble wrap and had to ....of course....pop them all before he went on cleaning! LOL

                     Here is taking a deep breath so he can do the second half of the strip!
 He is finally at the end now maybe we can get the room done today???? or this week?
Gee was not happy with all the commotion and was so happy when the popping stopped..She came and got into my lap after he stopped!
Well that's all I got today my knee is hurting so gonna go get some ice to put on it although it really doesn't do much but get me to freezing....
Keep making something beautiful,
Till we meet again and Happy Birthday to Jami, Terri, and Sherri I Love y'all lots!

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