Friday, March 11, 2011

March already?

        Where is the time going lately! My months are flying by so fast this year! Don't forget time change tomorrow night!
 It is SPRING forward time on the old clocks!
          Did not get to go play at Scrappers Boutique this week due to allergies and headaches so I am really glad to go and work next two nights and hope to see lots of familiar faces at the crops! It is sooo hard to not eat Nita's wonderful cupcakes though! They are sooooo Yummo!

My favorite place to work!

Sonic break

This last weekend needed lots done around the house so G-son #1 came and helped me out trimming trees and putting up hardware in the studio!
Along the two days we of course had breaks with our two fav beverages! Sonic and Diet Coke!

Been playing with this app again on my phone just love to see how it changes the pics! Tyler is growing into a young man these days and so trying not to freak over him taking drivers ed in the future and letting my first G-son grow up!

playing with app on phone!

Oldest of three wonderful G-sons!
Can't seem to break my habit of Diet Cokes have tried several times and just cant seem to give them up entirely as of yet!
diet coke breaks of course
Create something Beautiful !
and hopefully post some layouts did for the store tomorrow!
Getting late and gotta get some things done before heading to Scrappers Boutique for the night!
PS you know the time is ticking away for the submissions to Scrappers Boutique Design team call due by the 15th of March!

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