Sunday, September 05, 2010

Up way too Early!

Life has been crazy around here as of late trying to get so many things accomplished!
Boys apartment is looking really good and we have hung everything up and all is unpacked! Think they are really liking it! We got blackout curtains for them so they should sleep well during the day! ( they work nights) They had Jami and I over for lunch this past week! for yummy chicken vegetables and they had macaroni and cheese while I brought one of HMR meal replacements to replace the fatty stuff!
Casey my boy!

What my trade for the mac n cheese was!
went Junking and hunting for re purposing items yesterday and came across a few items! Stopped into Cottage Panache to see what was new and found some Seam binding that I was in so in need of!

 Still stressed to a degree about prep work for classes at Scrappers Boutique but so excited also!
     Have a sweet friend who is opening her studio and classes soon in Keller and soooo Excited for her!
Tracy Pounds is her name and her place is The Little Blue House check the links for her location and blog!
I wish the best to these friends on this new adventure. I know they will do great!
   Think I am gonna go see if I can get busy designing some things since I am up tooo darn early! But the weather here in Texas the last two days has been wonderful, supposed to get to low 90's today which is warmer than last two days but sure beats triple digits on the old thermometer any old time!
Well till next time here is another old item I created for my daughter a while back for her house....
With that I will close again by saying Go Create something beautiful in your life!
Till later.....

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cindy said...

Good for you for whippin out the HMR instead of the fattening stuff. I know how tuff that can be. I stared down some pretty good looking chicken salad sandwiches yesterday, as I munched on my PBCrunch bar. *sigh*. But in the end, it will be worth it and you know what an inspiration you are to me!

Sending hugs my friend!