Thursday, October 29, 2009

Third Weigh in!

Well missed posting second weigh in which was 2.4 lbs.
Now for the third weigh in which gave me a loss this time of 4.7lbs!
Which brings my weight lost thus far to 12.1 lbs.
It is getting easier finally to stay none hungry and am sticking to my boxes of Shakes and Entrees from Harris Fast even though I still daydream about some foods, but I may always do that, Do know gotta get used to this as my new way for ever to not ever gain my weight back again this time!
Isn't it horrible to be addicted to food?
It would be so much easier if I did not crave food when I am distressed!
Been busy lately with Toshe my Min Pin,
she has been really sick and has problems with her kidneys and had several infections going on , the vet kept her for 4 days and I have had her back to vet once since she was there,
kidney counts and now liver counts still not good.
Have to urge her to eat and take the meds which she hates! And now once a week I have to give her some IV fluids to keep her hydrated which is not fun sticking her. I am really not liking it as much as her but it is keeping her to feeling better at least.
As soon as her antibiotics are gone got to take her back for another test.
Hip Hip Hooray!
Wesley is still doing great after the last surgery!
Praise to our magnificent Lord and Father for answering our prayers!
They are home and he is eating all sorts of things!
Terri said their food bill is for sure gonna go up!
Well till next week !
Keep creating something pleasing to you and others and I will be working hard on my new lifestyle routines!

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