Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Second class Second weighin! and PRAISES!

Well off to a good start with Harris Fast and went to my second class night and Weigh in and ........Lost 5.1 lbs this 6 day period since there was not seven days in the first start up!
Hopefully this means things are gonna go smoothly on a down ward drop of pounds. If not will even keep it up till it does.This program never failed me before. One of the assignments this week is to do 50 more calories than last week in Physical Activity.(PA)
Would really like to get out into the yard or walking in neighborhood but rain just keeps coming~soooo Rain Rain Go AWAY! Shue go away for a bit so I can do something outside...Please!
It is hard enough to wake up to grey skies every day and rain ! For Pete's sake it is Texas! The fall weather can stay just not the rain for at least a couple of days!

Well Praise God who is so Wonderful !
Wesley is still in Baltimore but he is still getting better every day, and eating without getting sick at his stomach !
Which is such a blessing!
If he keeps this up they will get to come home the 23rd of October.
So keep up the prayers they are being answered!
Well for now gonna go to bed and try to go to sleep if can. Dreams of creations to come and keep creating one day at a time!

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