Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wesley Surgery again and me!

Today was my ~~ birthday and a dear friend Linda gave me this card she made gotta love it! but my picture skills today are really bad! it says~ And You're still looking SHARP!!! Happy Birthday Denise
The front of the card is a girl wearing cactus, nice sharp pointy cactus! That must have been one heck of a photo shoot! LOL
TJ in the middle!
My poor grand baby the youngest TJ was home sick yesterday with upset tummy but no fever and went back today fine, Don't know what but got sick several times and food smells did him in fast.

Wesley In pic below in full western gear,( when he was younger) he is so cute! I miss that smile which never faded in the past but the gleam isn't always there these days at 17 and all he has had to go through! Once again I ask you to pray for him! Tomorrow at 7:30 am Baltimore Maryland time he will again go under the knife at Johns Hopkins to fix a kink in the tubing from the shunt . They took tests earlier today to see if there is blockage or if the tubing has pulled away from the shunt but did not hear the results. Terri is there with him by herself this time because we are praying and hoping this will be a short and sweet procedure this time with no complications! Please keep the family in your prayers will update tomorrow when I hear something

this is the second day on Harris Fast and still having dreams about messing up and food! Hoping it goes like in the past and that dwindles as I get used to only their food and shakes! I am the little train that could or should I say the huge train that can! LOL And did not have to worry about food for birthdays today and that was a good thing! knew what I could have and stuck to it , but man the required water on top of shakes made with water makes for a lot of running last two days.....HMMMM..Wonder if that can be counted into my PA (physical activity) counts! Yea I am full of it today! But I am looking forward to the new me to emerge in following year!
Keep creating! I am and also creating a NEW ME! old As I may be today!

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