Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Man Want the headache to go Away ...FAR FAR AWAY!

old well and Windmill!

2 of the 3 dogs....these two are for wrangling the cattle!
Terri's miniature donkey note to self get a better pic!

one of the twin cats!

Past two day have had a bad BAD sinus headache and now it is messing with my thinking mode and gotta get stuff thought out to take to Lil Sisters house to house sit!

Wesley is still doing bad and she is trying to get their end worked out with appointments Air fare and lodgings so please continue to pray that it is God's will and all will fall into place like it did last time they went to Baltimore to John Hopkins Hospital with him!

T!m signing backs of our projects!

Never did get pics from T!mster and Cheryl class posted so here are some of the pics!

before we really got started on the curio!
before one of the classes with our goody bags on table!

In Cheryl's half of class showing how to emboss the metal for the frame that is me in the green shirt!

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cindy said...

Looks like it was an amazing thing. Tee's project was certainly beautiful! Glad you had a good time!