Monday, July 06, 2009

LIfe and Prayer requests!

Man thought things would get better and not so sure how to take things at this point.
Please pray for my nephew Wesley again as the prepare to take him back to Baltimore Maryland again to the Nero surgeon at John Hopkins Hospital again the doctors are not seeing anything here again on films and there is definitely something wrong again!

My kiddos are back from Florida and Tyler actually just came back from youth camp on the 4th. He had a blast at Falls Creek Oklahoma....the other two go to childrens camp at Riverbend the last of this month.

I will be MIA for a while before long to go house sit at the ranch as Terri John and Whitney and Wesley make the trip to Baltimore, pray that I can keep everything thriving while they are gone.
And that I survive life in the quiet of the country by myself. Other sis is till doing adjusting in Georgia! And really don't have ties in Comanche anymore except my little sisters.
But is worth it to help her out while they take him and try to get him some help.
I will so miss my fast computer Terri only has dial up since nothing else is really out there.

If Jeff doesn't chicken out he goes to the lung specialist on the 9th and is determined they won't find anything anyway so why go is his stance. We'll see!
Well gotta go figure something out for our supper and guess I will put together some form of pasta but not really sure yet.
So much for my venting....
Till I blog again

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