Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun and prayers still needed!

Wow! Tracy and crew did great job with Scrapstashers anonymous this month...
Create joy is always so good! Equal number of people broke off into 4 groups and we made layouts with a specific layout at each table and after they were all handed out you go home with 4 layouts all different and unique to the papers others brought......hard to describe but way too cool to go home with.

Still getting stuff ready to go out of town to Everidge Ranch! And still procrastinating too! UGH

Still need prayers for their trip as well as my DH while I am gone.
My lil' sis's.....
1. Arrangements are still up in air on how Terri and the crew are getting to Baltimore!

2. Still don't know if one of the 2 houses are gonna be available or that they will be out more money staying at hotel and using Taxi's.

3. Wesley to be okay on trip there and back!

4. For the surgeons hands to do what is necessary for a quality of life for Wes....

5. that all of this is God's will

My DH and Me!....
1. tests my Dh is undergoing find something fixable with his horrible cough.
2. nothing serious is done while I am at the ranch.
3. Safe trip or trips for me if I have to come back for more physically challenging tests on DH( trip to and from ranch 6 hours)
4. he watches his Diabetes while I am gone and my kids keep tabs on him.

Enough sad stuff.....
just read and looked at more sneak peeks from Scrapbook Review on CHA coming up! If you go to the link you to can see wonderful new product that will be coming out like today looked at the Pink Paislee stuff and wonderful stuff....WOW love it and so much that I have seen on there. you can view all from the right hand column prompts.
Till next time..

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