Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank goodness it is Friday!

T!m and I at Michael's in Hurst 2008! pre-surgery for me and I was in pain but lucky enough to stand several hours watching him do Demos! I wa in Hog heaven that day! can't imagine Sunday!

Yipee! HIP HIP HOORAY! Tim Holtz and Cheryl Darrow class in 2 days, one if I only count Saturday! I get to rub elbows with the T!mster Sunday the 28th at TSS ! from 3pm to 9pm.

My grand kids and son in law and daughter should be on their way back home from Florida tomorrow, Man I have missed them. And I am pretty sure I did not kill any of her plants while I was gone....LOL

TJ Toby and Tyler at the Snowball place in Florida Tyler is showing me his new skate deck he got for his birthday while in Florida!

While they were gone Jami aged and Tyler also. Tyler is now a bonifide Teenager as of yesterday ...Man where did 13 years go.
Maybe this means things are gonna get better...Or so I am gonna dream so. Jeff went back to work but still sounds horrific and meds don't seem to be doing anything, hopefully the lung specialist will be able to do something the 8th 0f July.
TJ in his and Toby's boat they purchased in Florida

Till next time keep creating..

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