Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Saga of the Rain continues!

Correction from yesterday Wes will be 17 on the 25th of June!

Tuesday......11AM...Jeff cough of 5months gets him to cough up blood today. Calls Doc and tells him to get his-self over to the ER. So we sat ( the boys were with me for awhile till their Dad made them leave) while they ran 2 tests xray of chest, which we know has not shown anything in past, and more promising a Cat Scan, one test have not had yet. Then waiting game to find out they don't know anything so sending us home with antibiotic and calling it Bronchitis. and then he will still see the Lung specialist on July 8th. we are all praying we do not cough up anymore blood and that he just busted a vessel in his throat this morning. Got home around 5pm and fed him and off to bed he went. All the coughing gives him a terrible headache.

okay I am praying that God decides to let up on the rain for awhile and we can have some normal activity here at the Cook household for a couple of days. This is wearing me out....

Toshe and I are fixing to water Jami and my plants then hopefully crawling into bed with Jeff and crashing for the night. I miss the kids being gone to Destin Florida but glad they are having fun. Toby is calling me every day to tell me what they have done, and really enjoying his calls.
They are supposed to go see Dolphins tomorrow. They kayaked today and para sailed yesterday.
well gonna go and get the watering done so her plants don't die under my care.......
Have a great day tomorrow till next time....

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