Friday, April 10, 2009

Way 2 Much Fun!

Just one of my photos so there would be one this time, scavage items from sisters Ranch.

......... Life in the Cook Family.....
Well Freedom to come and go on my own feels great till I overdo things. Went antiquing aat my fav antique mall Lone Star Antiques and garage sales by the dozen. did not have much money this week after getting some Easter goodies for the Gkids but had fun till realized I had been out too long and neck is swollen and very tender tonight so I will stay home tomorrow and work on a challenge that is due the 15th.

This will be my first challenge to enter and I could enter as many times as want, so went over board with therapy pieces, so after get the pics turned in will post the altered shoes I have turned out while been down and with each one I have gotten more control of my hands and it shows in the work so just doing it for the fun of doing it .

Went to the Create Joy Open House Thursday night and saw many people I haven't seen in along while felt soooo good to not feel like a stranger too! signed up for several things and keep telling myself I gotta be slow getting back into things but the Create Joy Have got some cool stuff this time to do, She hasn't posted the classes yet she has been so busy but this coming week ya oughta check it out.

Cash got to go home from Hospital tonight and looks and talks pretty good for someone on major pain meds. 12 weeks before he can even think of getting around good, but his spirits are very good tonight. He thinks sooner but pain meds give you that feeling of doing more than body wants to, until they start wearing off! He still needs your prayers.

I hope every one has a great EASTER week-end and has quality family time, or being close to someone to share this most precious holiday of our Lord and Saviour!

May his blessings pour down on you and yours..


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