Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Doctor was in!

Today is a Praise my Father in Heaven and the guidance of surgeons hands!
I am starting today, able to take my brace off for short intervals ,and I'm gonna have to go to Physical therapy to learn to use and strengthen the muscles in the use of my new titanium plate that holds the three together but all is fusing and filling in where it was supposed, faster than Dr. Wilson thought! OH and no more ticking bone stimulator for four hours a day it gets to go BYE BYE! I have walked the length of the house without it this evening and sat in the chair with it off. Amazing how your head can feel way heavier than it is. After the Xray today Doc let me keep pics and the gkids think they look cool where you can see the plate and the screws into my bones!

Second praise Wesley is doing better day by day after last surgery it is just slow. Terri is still teaching him at home but hoping he is strong enough to go back with his peers soon~

Third praise and prayers are for my nephew Cash who was thrown from a horse and crushed his hip bone Saturday, and after about 6 hours in surgery at JPS and three plates and lots of screws and pins he is back together into one piece . And the company he was working for is gonna hold his job for the 6-12 month recovery rehab time. Cash is 20 and has no insurance so he still needs prayers and so do my brother in law and sister in law as this blended family takes him back into their house to care for him.
In His Loving caring Hands I am held!

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