Sunday, April 05, 2009

To tired to move!

Saturday was a far to cluttered for me and my neck. started the day having lunch with both of my sons. then we met up with jami Jason and the Gkids at the Brahmas ice Rink to watch the Gkids skate. This was for TJ Bday. TJ to the left and Tyler sitting with skates. Me trying to manuver the steps.

To the left is TJ, Tyler andToby after 3 hours of skating...Me with Toby and Jason and my Cappoccino that Casey got me cuz I wuz freezing! Tyler is a t bottom of this one also....

TJ got pretty comfy with skating and was doing small jumps and kept on top of things skating. They all did some falling but not as much as my comedy act Toby likes to put on for us.

toby and Tyler checking out the marks in middle where they had been teaching a young girl revolutions.

TJ just a trucking away and to the left Casey helping him with his skates, trying to get the right fit around the ankles.
Think they all got pretty bad blisters around their little ankles.

Then it was off to bowling at 3ish at Brunswick in Watauga. TJ showing the ball he chose.Matt and Casey go enough they have their own balls and shoes, and stuff. As we got there they changed it to Cosmic bowling and that really bugs Matt and me to be in all the light changes, gave me a bad headache.

Below was trying my lowlight feature in all of these and was suprised at how well they showed the colors and things going on.

TJ had a hard time bowling but they were all already tired from skating but overall we had fun I

think. This young lad, my youngest grandson is getting quite a personality and shows it alot these days. Wish the pics were a movie cuz couldn't get the faces he was making at me cuz he knew when I was taking them....

Here he is trying so hard to get a strike....he finally got one thru the hrs they played.

Thought the balls almost looked like Easter eggs they were so colorful under the Blacklights and lasers.

How about some Hulk Birthday cake don't forget your wish TJ. Man that was a lot of sugar after eating pretty healthy at Jason's Deli and all of us had the salad bar yummy! after everyone left Jeff needed to go and get him some things so we went shopping on top of it all, which ment more walking.

My baby g- son is 9 and that is beginning to make me old not sure that is a good feeling when you get worn out and over do with a neckbrace...did not do much and could hardly move when got out of bed this morning.

well gonna get off here and get a small nap before dinner time.

keep creating and have some great Family time!



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to or too

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I am not sure gonna have to ask the teachers in my family maybe both!