Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thinking how time goes by Fast!

When I said yes to surgery on the 18th did not realize till nurse called with all the preop dates and tests that it is gonna fly by...

13th is preop at hospital

17th is new MRI at 7:45 and my preop with Dr Wilson at 12 noon

18th surgery although they think it will be 12 noon have to be there at 8am (enough time to get panicked) LOL

Trying to get some stuff done as my body allows me.

Found an old sewing table at a half price day that has a fold up table at the second hand store a couple of blocks away Friday called New 2 u . Love that have four second hand shops in about a mile radius of the house. Jami came and got it for me and she and Tyler brought it in to the craft room for me. Love it because it has twice the table space as portable table did and more storage...3 drawers and two doors that have a large spacebehind them, gotta figure what I am gonna put in them. found it while was checking for a dresser for Jeff's "bike" room, Or as I am calling it the sport themed guest room....LOL

Have to replace batteries then will post some pics

Keep creating something beautiful even if it is in your mind only...till next time


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cindy said...

Hey Denise,
And I can betcha that with all that space you will end up working in a 2" square...LOL. Happens to me all the time. But that's ok, cause as my other crafty friend says, "miracles can happen in that 2" square". Hope all your prep and stuff goes well. Hang in.