Monday, September 29, 2008

The Family Reunion canvas!

Posting Pics for the things in last blog to be mounted on.. Well about over did it going this weekend to a Fri crop and Sat to a PMC class and then working on these. When I get my pieces back from class I will post them, maybe around Friday...My pain is a doozy today but decided to post these before I do the next step which is paint. I really have never tried this but TenSeconds studio had some they have done and love theirs so Megan told me sorta what to do and here is my efforts....
I used caulk for the house .cheesecloth,rubber mat pieces for holding rug to floor, heishi beads,old Tacks , beads ,clock pieces ,game pieces etc......Messy but fun!
while I was in a mess and to use up the caulk I had opened I did two more canvases to play with in reverse so I can inset whatever I decide to put in them, The one below this shows a close up on the tiny marbles I used as a texture....more watch parts...

another closeup of some of the gunky mess
This is the third canvas not as many do dads on it, mostly textured....
Not sure I should have put all the peices of dodads on before painting but this is trial and error for me ,( Hopefully not more error just happy mistakes)... Now if I can get the paint to do what I want it to do , I will be doin good, Just will have to wait for a better day, with less pain.....

Hope you have a great week of creating !
God bless

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Susan said...

Just catching up with your blog. You've been doing some amazing projects, even with the pain! Love your canvases - great texture. The PMC pieces are amazing. That's one thing I've avoided getting into!
Hang in there.