Friday, September 19, 2008

Too much Fun at TenSecond Studios today!

Well went and got some things accomplished At TenSeconds Studio today...It is so much fun when you work around others than always alone although alone time is good too....Thought I was doing good until three rolled along and pain started up good, guess I pushed a good day right off into the gutter...Megan is always fun and as usual my project morphed itself into something better under the studio roof, will post pics of the canvas I working on . It is still in peices at this time and just wanted to get a post up here while I had a chance... Here are some stamps that I very roughly carved out to us in my journals. Had not shown them so here they are. They kind of blurry sorry! First ones I have ever attempted since High School and man that was a long time ago...70's but then that is ancient to my grandkidds...LOL

Keep crafting and God Bless you


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Sarah said...

Wow, your hand carved stamps look great! Looking forward to seeing your finished project from today. It's going to be a beauty.