Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scrapstashers projects

Well today was a better day sleep wise after my trip to the sleep doctor yesterday. Really did not know if I needed to try to go to my favorite classes from http://www.cr8joyworkshops.com , I love it because I use my items from home and you really never know what you are making till you get there , except when she tells you to bring a canvas or a plate like these done on August for the canvas and the plate that we did this morning.

The canvas was painted black before class and then we brought our strips of scraps and bling and walla we made a canvas ...Oh she told us to bring a black 12x12 cardstock and she cut all of our sheets there on the cricut....

The plate was this time and I chose a cheap gold plate charger hince the reasons the pics did not come out too clear, too much glare. told us to bring glossy mod podge glue dots, rubons, and papers to go with our plate choice and colors in pictures, ribbon and buttons. I chose not to use ribbon since mine was all kinda heritage looking so used a lot of my old family buttons a lot of which were mother of pearl, brass,or pearl, some black ones too. this one ids of my hubbys family so now I need to do one for mine to go with it, think I am gonna hang them in my room..not sure yet...Till next time keep crafting and scrapping those memories.

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