Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still Hurting but creating!

Sneak peak of what you will see later in this blog and to plug in that if you live in the Mid Cities are of Fort Worth some cool things are happening in FT Worth , Ten Seconds Studio is having a warehouse sale 8am to 5pm October 10 and 11 at 4170 Willman Ave.Even better you could schedule yourself to go Saturday the 11th to both the warehouse sale at TSS Then head down the Glenview Road to Michaels in Hurst to see Tim Holtz doing demos at their Grand Re-opening, Cool Beaners! Alchol Inks I used here is one of the items he promotes for Ranger. hey and dont forget Tim and a bunch of different people will be on
QVC program "Paper Crafting with the PROS '
and he has a cute kit he will be selling the 23rd of Sept at Texas time 2a-3a, then 10a-11a,and then lastly 2p-3p, their are scrapbooking before that also but this has got some they are coming into newer techniques.

Okay this is bad because I was in pain but doodling trying to get some different eyes.....Then....
Jeff took me to Barnes and Noble and I came home with lots of goodies as you can see below....
"Taking Flight" by Kelly Rae Roberts is what I went looking for and Somerset mags and look what he let me buy , he is good to me. Really love "Taking Flight"......
Well you know I told you I went and played at TenSecond Studios the other day was hurting to bad to take some pics of progress so here they are! I am taking the canvases that are smaller to mount a old family Reunion pic and a twin pic to mount on the larger canvas with the word Family. These have the backs of the canvases covered and embossed with multiple TSS embossing plates and their TSS brown metal then inked backside with the Ranger inks Tim Holtz always uses, this time I did Butter scotch and Rust and washed the back of canvas with a watered down brown acrylic, and cut the window in an X and curled it back after attaching the metal and on finished I will attach my photo inside
On the above shows part of the mache F that i have also covered in the same way! this is my last letter that I purchased from Recollections before they closed down, been hanging onto it ,but it will go with this to the family auction..... Below is how I will lay out after I texture,paint ,and distress the canvas and propably wash the wood letters with some brown...Hoping to match up the colors from the ink on the big canvas...
Well until next time ...Keep Crafting and have Blessed Day
And also I finally get to go and seethe Main specialist on nerve and pain Management Doc tomorrow! I have waited soooo long to hear what they can do and now it has gone to both arms and my back...Praying he does something very soon!

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