Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Late Late Late

Well It has been a while! AGAIN! My heart has not been with my blogging! Sorry to those of you that have been checking the blog! Sometimes Life Happens!
 Went  to Great American Scrapbook convention Last Thursday with a great friend and co worker, Lynn and her son Vincent went shopping with us! Fun Fun Day! Also cropped all day at the crop with Lynn, Trisha, Stacy, Sonja and many many others! What a blast we had!
 We visited Ten Seconds Studio and did the Make and Take, Pretty sure Vincent likes Metal now....LOL
 Went to wonderful Nephews graduation recently, this was a very special day for the both sides of the family! This a picture at the party before graduation at the ranch! Wesley we are sooo proud of you and your accomplishments!
 Wesley and his cake! Note to sis ...Black icing may be school color, but not good for the ole teeth! Especially before a big gathering at a stadium with big smiles showing teeth! Sorry no picks of those smiling faces!!!!!lol
 Wes entering the seating area at stadium! Where has 19 years gone! seems just like yesterday!
The proud mom and dad watching their son! Insert tear remembering this day! I wouldn't have missed this day for anything! Love my Nephew and before I know it My niece will be following big brother in the Black and gold gown and cap also! Man I am feeling old!
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