Friday, April 09, 2010

Bad Blogging!

Well boys and girls I have been a pretty bad blogger this year so far with all that has been going on around here. But her goes a long one! first of all last month I designed my first cards for "The Cards For the Troops" at Scrappers boutique! I had a phobia for card making till now....Made and prepped 66 cards for last month! And I am working on that and some more for this coming Sunday! two will be Father's Day again and two common like Thinking of you and maybe another Birthday! Still working on those tonight!
My first Father's day card!

Happy Birthday!

Second Father's Day card!
We have had a crazy spring thus far with invasions of nature itself in the form of Bees, Squirrels, Rats and others.......Needless to say I have not been a happy camper in my house!....MONEY MONEY MONEY! MMOOONNNEY!

Bee's were coming into our bedroom wall outside through the mortar next to the window and along the brick , these are pics after he dosed them with something to make them go away for a bit to be able to get them out of the wall.

To be kinder to my house they came into the house to get them , which means they tore at part of the sheet rock to get them, I thought that they would have to take more but wound up to be less! Whew!

The squirrels no more than an hour after cable guy came and fixed this they had it chewed again! even after metal applied over their holes that they were getting in the attic from! UGH!

Below is the wall before bees removed! All nice and intact! Also with sheet rock and paint!

Casey and I had to cover everything we thought might get sticky or that the bees might fall into!

Casey was wonderful in helping shorty me out!

This is my wonderful wall after they removed honeycomb and bees and my poor wall!

Oh by the way forgot to say Jeff my DH is deathly allergic to bee stings, The grand kids came to watch all the activity although they were closed out of the room during the capture in the BIG vacuum they had!

After most bees gone they let the boys help with some clean up and finishing of all of it! They thought that was cool , but their mom is the one that wants to get into the suit and do this! Crazy daughter of mine!

The guys telling the boys what they had been doing in the closed room!

One of the bags of honeycomb that came out of the wall.....It went from floor to ceiling but only top half was juicy with honey thank goodness!

Showing and retrieving some of the honeycomb for show and tell!

The wildlife truck portion of Orkin! and Toby and TJ!

Viewing my room from outside! The safe view! Tee Hee!

Toby showing me that they were missing the ones behind the blinds! And scaring me with his pose on top of the fence!

Honey comb in jar with some bees that were still in the honeycomb! one lived without any air in there for four days protecting the stuff!

To another topic when we got the channels and cable back Jeff was very intense with his sports and Gee decided she needed attention, getting into his lap wasn't working so......

She climbed on his shoulder and verbally started letting him know....LOL!

And decided she liked the view out the window from there much to my husbands dismay!
Well I finally had another pic taken and I am now 60 lbs lighter but still have so much more to loose! Was hoping to make one of my goals by summer but.......

Not sure the 37lbs is realistic at this point, but we will See gotta get to working out again at fitness center more regularly like I was doing in past! Just have not been as motivated before allergies started driving me crazy in our wonderful Texas spring wind and pollen season amongst other things....Well time to get into the studio and finish prepping some cards, Hope you get time to create something wonderful too!
PS...... down 5 pants sizes since starting! 30 to 20!

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cindy said...

cute, cute cards!!!! And bees in the wall.....ewwwwwwwww. Not my idea of fun. And wow, what a way to get em out. Congrats on the weight loss, you are looking fantastic! Very inspiring!