Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fifth Weigh in!

Well this has been a good one but late since Tuesday I weigh in again....Lost 4.4 lbs.

Well that brings me to 18.5 lost thus far!


I will not kid you it is hard as the holidays have hit and Thanksgiving is approaching us, especially with Turkey and Dressing around my favs!

But I will make it through it with wings and halo intact, or that is my goal!

I am really bad a t posting right now and lately but gonna try and get my act together this week!

My little dog Toshe is still ailing and it is not gonna get better and that has hit me really hard, becuz at some point we are gonna have to make some hard decisions.

Her kidneys are shutting down , she is not eating and I am giving her an IV 3 times a week now and hate sticking her, she also is now having liver problems...

She was my mother-in -laws dog and it is really getting to Jeff and I both emotionally, with the promise to take care of her after she couldn't as her Alzheimer's progressed.

Enough said on that ..Hope you are having a great Fall Sunday and having your day of rest


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