Friday, June 12, 2009

A Ruff Week! Good news and bad news....

This is an eerie pic of my late adopted cat Samantha who passed on to kitty heaven on Thursday morning at 4:30 AM.
My niece Lisa couldn't keep her when they moved about two years ago and so I took her in. I was her third family. she was a good cat, verbal when she wanted something but quiet and reserved all other times, didn't really know how to play but she fit into the family pretty quickly.

You never seeked her out or she ran and hid but if she wanted your attention she found you . she jumped into Casey's lap a while back when he came over for the day. she liked grown ups but hid from the grand kids at all costs. I will miss her and her Diva attitude.
Went to GASC with some friends in Arlington last Thursday the 4th and had a blast till started hurting from purchases, and that was even after I paid 5 bucks for check ins of my bag. I am better and enjoying my T!mster and Ranger pics from one both , lots of bling and technique Tuesday stuff and other misc. along with mini books from Maya Road.
Well hope to start posting again more regular but lots of classes coming up in next couple of weeks and must get some things done for our Family reunion.
Last night my little sisters got hit pretty hard out in Comanche, Terri and John's Ranch got hit with straight line winds and hail, and said they have major cleanup to get done . also Johns new mail truck for his routes was messed up.
Sherri and Alvin have been moving into their new home and the 3 month old roof got egg sized hail and also their 5th wheel trailer had the skylights and dinged up everything.
Just thankful no one was hurt since it was really a bad storm that went through their area yesterday.
Till next time


marylee :) said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your four legged fur family member.

Glad you're enjoying your new craft toys! Woo hoo!!! :)

cindy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty. They do make such an impact upon our lives, weaving their way into the everyday happenings and such. I know she will be missed.

Its a wonder I did not bump into you out I loaded up on the Prima flowers. LOL.

yapping cat