Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey it's Me!
It has been a long while as usual between posting,
 but I am gonna make a go of this blog again and hopefully...       
LIFE won't get in my way again!
My boys are back home with me and its a long story.....
 that I won't go into right now but its been a bit challenging getting used  to them being back home!
Things are getting better every day and  Life goes on!

I have been  following a multi media Ustream, and  doing swaps, and Challenges!
My form of therapy! LOL
Today's post is about a Challenge on Tracy Weinzapfel's blog-
 March challenge:
 You were to take a song and do a multi media item of your choosing!
Mine went into my art journal.You were to incorporate the song and use buttons! You can find it here at: Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

I chose an oldy but goody by John Denver, "Sunshine on my Shoulders"!
I grew up listening and memorizing word for word his songs!
 This one seemed appropriate at the time for Spring and my mood the day of choosing it!

I have really loved getting back into art journaling as an outlet for me! Thru Two Tracy's and  One Susan....I am hooked again!
One is Tracy  Weinzapfel and her wonderful Ustream on Mondays on TWStudios
Two is Tracy Pounds and a fav hangout The Little Blue House in Keller Texas
 and the One Susan is Susan Tidwell One of Tracy Pounds instructors.
Tracy and Susan are longtime friends...check em out at The Little Blue House In fact I have a Miss T Pickers class tomorrow and will post on it later after Easter is over!
I think I used most of the yellows and golds in my paints! along with a tad of orange. I also pulled out my supply of yellow and orange buttons! I took an ad that came in the mail and cut me out this gal from it and deco-pauged it to the page! wasn't having good luck with my stamping on the slick surface so second half of my words are with my little labeler!

On the parts without the buttons just paint on the rays of my sun I doodled with a clear dimensional paint and did dots with a metallic gold!

Here is the song and Lyrics from You tube for you to enjoy! The Pics are where I can get lost in my little dream world!

Life continues in the Cook household and so the saga continues!
I really so plan to get this back and to post more art and other things as I am in the midst of making Life choices right now that will change me this year! Hopefully a healthier me!
Happy Easter and God Bless till next week
Create something beautiful!


Anna said...

How absolutely wonderful!! LOVE the beautiful yellows and bright feeling of hope and Springtime! This is one of my favorite songs too! I too listened to everything John Denver sang and knew so many of his songs word for word.

Denise said...

Thanks Anna!

maxiesmom said...

This came out simply fabulous!