Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Life around here!

Wesley and a fawn that came up one day!

Man I have been a bad blogger! Have gone and done several things since last on here....

1. the family Reunion was August 22nd at my Lil sis' house at the ranch!

2. HHH for DH was last weekend in Wichita Falls...They didn't train much for this so only went 50 miles and still got to them (remember when 100 mile was the only one they would do) DH says getting old stinks!

3. Wesley has started having complications with his drain tube and waiting on results to get back from Johns Hopkins as writing this...

4. Wesley made it through the first week of High school before bad times hit Friday!


5. gone to two crops and got very little done!

Now I am waiting for the new scrapbook store to open October 2nd ...... This is a biggy.

Go check out the blog and if you are in the Ft worth area of north Texas it has some wonderful people who will be over it. Including my favorite class team "Create Joy".

well life for me lately has been draggy!

I am not sure why but sometimes my depression is doing good and then there are times that all seems to get to me and lately it has been getting to me.

I am often wondering what has happened to the old me and the one that was so involved in everything! And I miss her.. Sometimes I feel I am getting back and then next second ready to hide my head in the sand again!

Life for me is so different this year, feelings are weird and non consistent to say the least. I know it drives Jeff insane at times especially when I cant tell him why! The Why is something I wish I knew! And here is hoping I get out of this soon cuz I am not liking the person viewing back at me in the mirror. As hard as I try to get focused on HIS wishes for me my inner me is fighting HIM I believe! So I am waiting patiently Hoping for HIS divine guidance.

Till next time which I hope will not be such a downer...

Keep Creating!


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