Monday, September 01, 2008

Updates on all going on!

My health has been a factor here the last couple of months and still having to go through tests with different specialists. Having more pain than I want to have and it is ruling me and that is not good because I want to do so much and it isn't letting me.....UGH!!! Go for a sleep study all Thursday night till 6am the next day...The doc had the audacity to ask if I thought I could fall asleep on my own with wires hooked up to my head chest feet and fingers...Duhh how many do you think say yes when they are there because they can't sleep, That was the most stupid question I have been asked from all these Doctors....sooooo taking LUNISTA to go nitey nite~ Thursday nite.....Pain management visit isn't till Sept. 22 and really wish it was sooner.
Today Jami and Jason had me come help with a project for Jason's little league football this year. Did not feel like doing it but pain and swelling of feet of my feet aren't really much worse than they were yesterday. Thought we did pretty good so far on the banner, we spray painted it over and over and over with the plastic spray paint to get the vinyl covered but looks pretty darn good if I say so myself..Still gotta put a pocket for a rod for them to be able to hold it on game days , but that is for another day....hopefully several days away if Jason got my drift before I left the house tonite...

Well Wesley is doing better and looks like GOD gave us another miracle for him. He is eating and has yet to get sick. He is healing still and still needs prayers but so far so good. Terri said the back of his skull is healing pretty good this time and that's with so much larger an incision into his brain this time..PRAISE GOD for answering our prayers thus far....
Gonna have to go to bed my meds are starting to kick in...
Till next time...I'm in HIS hands and will take any prayers you can send my way!
thanks for standing in the GAP

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